Midweek Confessions

I’m linking up with E, Myself, and I for Midweek Confessions.

– I picked a florist for the wedding because I was tired of dealing with it and this place had decent reviews. I didn’t even make them try to sell it to me. I was just like “look, your prices are comparable to other places and you have decent reviews. Make me what I want.” I feel this is pathetic. I didn’t even step foot into more than one store.

– We’re house training Paxton. Sometimes, when he starts to tinkle in the house, I just don’t have the energy to deal with him. So I just let him pee then go clean it up. Fortunately, we found this amazing stuff that gets urine out of the carpet. Unfortunately, this is probably bad for his training.

– Paxton has started to wake up at 5 am. I find this so unacceptable that I went and bought a squirt bottle so that I could fill it with water and spray him with it when he acts up. This supposedly works on cats (though it didn’t work on the cat that I had when I lived in Pittsburgh. To quote Kirk from Gilmore Girls “[she] seemed to derive greater power from the water!”) but I’m not sure if it works on dogs. We’re going to try it.

– I had a phone interview this afternoon. Someone found a list of questions that are supposed to be asked by this company during phone interviews and sent the list to me. The list is 31 pages. I started going through them until I noticed that each category was asking the same thing as a previous category. Then I gave up and started watching “New Girl” on Netflix. So much for preparation. However, Winston caught up on current pop culture for one of his job interviews, so that made me feel better.

– I watched the entire “Parenthood” series in two weeks. That’s four seasons. In my defense, two of the seasons are more like half seasons. But that’s still four seasons.

Ok, I am now out of energy. And what I have left needs to be concentrating on finding a baker. Preferably one who delivers because the one I like doesn’t deliver. Goody.


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